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All projectors in Hyderabad including Epson


Full HD 1080p Resolution

High Contrast Ratio for Deep Blacks

3D viewing, 2D to 3D conversion

Ideal for Home cinema, Gaming, Big Screen TV

View even with ambient light.


High Brightness

Long Lamp Life

HDMI port, USB 3 in 1 display, VGA Port

Good contrast ratio

Wireless Compatible.

Epson EB 1776w
Epson Interactive Projectors


Make any wall into an interactive surface

Pen touch and finger touch interactive

Short throw and Ultra Short Throw models

Wall mounted, wide screen resolution

Smart teaching software.

Laser Projector

WUXGA - Beyond Full HD Resolution with WUXGA resolution (1,920 x 1,200 pixels)

High-definition Images with 4K Enhancement Technology

Fine-tuning Brightness

Revolutionary Laser Light Source

Epson EB 1776w
Epson Interactive Projectors

Benq Projector

Projector Model MH740

Brightness (Manufacturer Claim)4000

Contrast Ratio 11000:1

Video Compatibility Component, S-video, Composite

Special Features PC 3D ready, USB port, soft carry case

Projector dealers in Hyderabad

Epson EH TW 5300

EH TW5650

Resolution: 1080p
Brightness: 2200 lumens
Contrast ratio: 35,000:1
Lamp life: 5000 hours
3D, 2D/3D conversion

Epson EH TW 6600

EH TW6700

Resolution: 1080p
Brightness: 3000 lumens
Contrast ratio: 70,000:1
Lamp life: 4000 hours
3D, 2D/3D conversion

Epson EH TW 8200

EH TW8300

Resolution: 4k enhanced
Brightness: 2400 lumens
Contrast ratio: 10,00,000:1
Lamp life: 5000 hours
3D, 2D/3D conversion

Epson LS10000


Resolution: 4K enhanced
Brightness: 1500 lumens
Contrast ratio: 25,00,000:1
Lamp life: 30000 hours
3D, 2D/3D conversion

Short & Ultra Short Throw Projector

Epson EB S31


White and Colour Brightness at 3,200lm
XGA Resolution
Multi-PC projection
HDMI Connectivity
Optional Wi-Fi with adaptor ELPAP07

Epson EB X31 /  X36


White and Colour Brightness at 3,200lm
XGA Resolution
Multi-PC projection
HDMI Connectivity
Optional Wi-Fi with adaptor ELPAP07

Epson EB W04


With a large scalable screen size of up to 100 inches to display HD-ready WXGA content, this innovative teaching solution enhances learning.

Epson EB U32


Full HD meeting solution
Develop a truly forward-thinking workplace by promoting efficient and collaborative meetings to drive knowledge sharing and communication

Entry Level Projectors

Epson EB S31


White and Colour Brightness at 3,300lm
SVGA resolution
High contrast ratio of 15,000:1
Horizontal keystone slider
10,000 hours lamp life in eco-mode

Epson EB X31 /  X36


Enjoy the big screen experience at home and deliver sharp presentations at the office with this portable 3,300 lumens XGA projector.

Epson EB W04


Bright WXGA projector
Raise the bar with this bright and scalable, 3,800 lumens, WXGA projector, that offers multiple connectivity solutions and is simple to set up.

Epson EB U32


WXGA projector
For home or work, this easy-to-use, 3,300-lumen WXGA projector with optional Wi-Fi can create a 320-inch display.

Large Laser And Lamp Projectors

Epson EB S31


XGA Resolution
White and Colour Light Output at 5,500 lumens
Spilt Screen

Epson EB X31 /  X36


Affordable WXGA projector
A bright 5,500-lumen installation projector with WXGA resolution and excellent connectivity options for an affordable entry-level price.

Epson EB W04

EB- L1200U

The Epson EB-L1200U projector is designed to deliver unyielding laser performance, from any position to most surfaces, up to 20,000 long lasting hours maintenance-free.
White and Colour Brightness at 7,000lm
WUXGA (1920 x 1200)

Epson EB U32


Epson high brightness EB-G7000W projector present a new perspective on clarity, durability, and versatility.
High Brightness
Beyond Full HD Resolution
Powered Lens
Portrait Projection

Benq Projectors

Epson EB S31

BenQ W1080ST

Brightness: 2,000 Lumens
Display Type: DLP (1)
Resolution: 1920x1080
Data Modes: MAX 1920x1200

Epson EB X31 /  X36

BenQ W770ST

Short Throw 3D 720p HD DLP
Blu-ray Full HD 3D Support
Smart Eco Power Saving Technology
720P DLP projection system displays 1 billion colors and an image from 30-300 inches

Epson EB W04

BenQ TH670

HIGH RESOLUTION: 3D HD Projection includes 1 billion colors compared to 16.7 million from many LCD projectors and features 10,000:1 contrast

Epson EB U32

BenQ W1110

W1110 features a 1080p full hd optimized optical system for unmatched picture clarity and detail along with lens shift, short-throw technology, big zoom, as well as full hd wireless connectivity and user-friendly interface

Epson EB W04


Native WXGA (1280 x 800) Resolution
3,000 ANSI Lumens, 13,000:1 High Contrast Ratio
Wall Mount Included
Up to 7,000 Hours Lamp Life
Full 3D Ready
Throw ratio : 0:37

Epson EB W04


2 VGA inputs
Featuring a brightness of 3000 ANSI lumens and a high contrast ratio of 13000:1, the cost-effective and eco-friendly MS504 offers a stunning full-screen presentation with the finest details regardless of the ambient light level.

Epson EB W04

BenQ MS521P

0.5 watts in Standby Mode
Blu-ray full HD 3D supported
Hassle-free projector maintenance
Upper lamp door for easy lamp access
Lampsave mode

Epson EB W04

BenQ MX528P DLP 3300

DLP projector
SmartEco technology for power saving
Blu-ray playback with full HD 3D support
LampSave mode
Resolution: XGA (1024 x 768)

Epson EB W04

Joybee GP2 iPhone/iPod/iPad Projector

HD/WXGA (1280x800) Native Resolution, Full HD Ready
Bright 200 LED powered ANSI Lumens with 2400:1 Contrast Ratio
LED Light Source, up to 30,000 lamp hours
Optional Battery and 2W Speakers